We believe the scientific evidence that the human brain has a plasticity that can help form new connections. We begin with a free assessment with the elder parent and their child providing parent care. This evaluation gives you more insight about our program and informs you about our selection criteria. If our brain fitness program is the right fit, we schedule two sessions per week where our coach goes to your parent's home, or where they reside, and finds the tool and.or method that creates a spark like connection with your elder parent. We design a personalized brain fitness program that keeps that spark alive and the activities fresh for the duration of brain fitness program. Benefits include:
> Consistent training
> Customized program


After your parents start the program, you will be given invitations to join weekly webinars that discuss what to expect when you step up to parent care, how to handle situations while keeping your calm and peace of mind, how to develop your emotional intelligence that can benefit your marriage, children, and show up as leadership at work.

We believe in hearing lessons learned from others, and we host expert panels who have in-depth experience with areas ranging from financial, legal, and social work. We give you tools to make parent care an opportunity for personal development and achieve an intangible life benefit from the journey. Benefits include:

> Develop yourself into the person you want to be.
> Gain emotional intelligence to lead you and others through adversity with confidence.
> Gain and maintain your peace of mind in the midst of chaos.

Sometimes parent care makes one feel lonely. There is no guarantee that siblings, cousins, and spouses with help you. It is a tough challenge. Like climbing Mount Everest, it isn't for everybody. With us, you are not alone. Every morning, you'll receive an email filled with positive inspiration and a message of the day. You will also have access to our private group that is curated by us and our guest hosts who have personal parent care experience and professional expertise. With access to this group, friendships build. When you need to talk with someone who knows what you are going through someone will respond. You are in league with experienced parent care veterans. 


With the right coach and support system, you will often feel renewed and stronger in character. After this journey, you will have a surge of confidence about the things you can handle in life while finding a solid foundation within. We believe this calmness and joy are beyond any words. It is priceless. To get there it takes willingness step by step. The positive impact extends to your spouse and family, especially your children. Showing how to take care of an elder parent influences those around you, and starts to develop their capacity to do the same. 

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