Possibilities of Finding Relief in Your Parent Care Journey
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when it's time to help out Mom or Dad, it's time to think of TactileMind

"people rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing" - Dale Carnegie

how it works

sparkle and old fingerswe find the sparks

We find things that revive a spark for joy for the elder parent then we design a personalized brain fitness program that is fun, purposeful, and effective.

We use techniques that involve the five senses, including brain games, music, pet therapy, pictures, and more to create a unique program combining the approaches that work best for your elder parent.

The rest is implementing the program and keeping it fresh. Our one to one coaching sessions are playful and purposeful so that your elder parent stays connected to their spark and uses it to be brain fit.

shutterstock_246918820we help you navigate complexities

Parent care is one of the toughest challenges for a person and family to take on. There are functional day to day parent care  issues that can be difficult to juggle while managing a career and nurturing a marriage and family. And if you are single, finding a meaningful romantic partnership can be a difficult challenge. Handling emotional conflict with siblings and/or spouses in a healthy and effective way is crucial to everyone, especially you. We've been there and found ways to make parent care solutions work best for you and your parent.

We host a weekly webinar for those providing parent care that discusses hot topics, ways to handle common parent care issues, lessons learned, and approaches to redirect the energy towards making parent care into a self-development opportunity.  These hour long sessions include an question and answer session to give you personalized attention. 

shutterstock_174218297join our community

At TactileMind, you are not alone. We send you daily emails to inspire you along this journey. 

You'll hear from others in our community who have juggled raising children during parent care, managed a career or got promoted at work, nurtured a marriage, and turned this life event into a situation they faced that gave them greater patience, confidence, communication skills, self-care attention, and more. 

Our online community platform allows you to connect with other people, like you, making the best of parent care. We share ideas, build friendships, and most importantly, provide a curated social network specifically for people who have stepped up to parent care. We know what it is like to be in your shoes.

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